The project is comprised by 120 plots acquired from 600 different sellers in 120 transactions. This is an exceptional project in Bulgaria!

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a large-scale project with a diverse mix of high-yield construction alternatives and the chance to transform the entire ecosystem with sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities. The project’s goal is to not only build, but also to function as a catalyst for making Bulgaria a startup nation in the next ten years.

The Project’s lands are part of the draft and master plan of Varna district.
All documents such as title deeds and change of purpose of the plots are prepared and arranged for an easy due diligence.

Prices are on the rise! There is a high demand for modern homes, commercial, high-tech and logistic parks.
There are no doubts that  those in possession of land will yield great profits.
 commercial area can be constructed  and turned into a profitable asset which can be sold or rented up on the desire and discretion of the investor.

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We can choose in which part of the project the opportunity starts

A comprehensive business plan was prepared for the entire project. In addition, four more business plans were prepared for each part of the project namely: Hi-tech campuses, residential and public amenities, commercial, outlet, and petrol station. So, we can choose the right option, as well as the time and place to start the construction according to the preferred plans.

Business plans, title deeds and documents regarding the change of purpose of the plots

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Sense of Space

The vision of  New Varna City project is based on the desire to give its residents a sense of space, nature and community within minutes of driving from the city and the sea.

The neighborhood is planned in a way that its inhabitants will be unaffected by the commercial activity which will be segregated  on the road at the entrance to the Project.


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